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Ralphs, an affiliate branch of the Kroger family of companies, is comparatively a common store distributed throughout the Greater Los Angeles County. The fuel points program of the Kroger family of stores allows you to save a lot on fuel points every time you go shopping there! You will earn 1 fuel point per $1 that you are spending when you are shopping and using your Shopper’s Card from Kroger. Also, Gifts Cards can get you to earn 2X points of fuel! In each of the Kroger’s fuel stations, you can quickly redeem the points that you have already earned. You can also gain points from the pharmacy, Fred Meyer Jewelers, or even if you make an online order for the required items.


With the Ralphs low costs and Ralphs fuel points, the store can be a pleasant place to go shopping for groceries and other items. You can easily find perfect deals and combinations of optimum savings. However, it’s extremely important to know what you are looking for and how to do shopping at Ralphs to make the most out of the money earned with hard work and sweats.

I also had an opportunity of visiting Long Beach and discover much about the latest deals at Ralphs known as “Ralphs low prices“.  I felt the need to share with you the details which they gave to us, and then I’d absolutely adore your points of view about the new ralphs reward program, and if you think you would be going to shop at the store in your future.

The Ralphs fuel rewards could only be redeemed through using your Ralphs rewards card at a shell fuel station. It’s very convenient to swipe the card and pump fuel in the car, but I’ll give you more insights and information about the program down below.

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How can you earn fuel points?

  • Groceries: Get 1 fuel point per dollar spent on the foodstuffs. Go to the store and lookup for special bonus fuel points promotions and offers to win more points! For certain states, where appropriate, alcohol, fluid milk and dairy goods are exempted. Fuel Points are excluded over the shopping of cigarettes, money orders, postage stamps, product deposits, promotional cards, taxes, and charges. The purchases of goods and fuel at the Kroger Company Family of Stores Fuel Centers’ do not get any fuel Points.
  • Prescriptions: You can earn 50 Fuel points over non-federally funded Prescriptions and 1 fuel point per dollar over the purchase of federally funded prescriptions. Also over the 90 days prescription, you can earn 150 fuel points.
  • Gift Cards: Win 2 Fuel Points on most of the gift cards per $1. Kroger Family of Stores Gift Cards, prepaid reloadable products from Green Dot, MoneyPaks, American Express Variable Load Gift Cards, Visa Variable Load Gift Cards, and MasterCard Variable Load Gift cards are not included in the fuel points program.
  • https://www.ralphs.com/o/fuel/faqs

How does the Ralphs Fuel Program operate?

  • The fuel reward program for Ralphs is convenient and easy to use. It is extremely fast to earn and redeem your rewards through the Shell Fuel Rewards program.
  • You will get 1 point per dollar during your shopping.
  • You will get $.10 off each gallon at the Shell gas station for every 100 points.
  • Up to 35 gallons of fuel can be received at the pump over one transmission.
  • Buying gift cards can get double points for you. It is a perfect way to earn additional points if you are shopping in different places.
  • Verify the balance of your ralph fuel rewards at the bottom of the paid receipt so that your discount can be traced.
  • you can also sign in to your registered Ralphs account at Ralphs.com
  • Simply scan your Ralphs card on your visit to the Shell gas station and you can redeem your fuel discount.
  • Contact the support desk at 866-597-9967 in case of any emergency or trouble.
  • Ralphs low prices are an ideal way to minimize the amount of money you are spending! Multiply your savings by using the Ralphs Fuel Rewards program discount at the fuel station and you’ can also end up getting several wonderful deals! The other tips on fuel saving can also be checked at Ralphs official homepage.

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