Ready to see what’s inside at the New Scott Depot Kroger

Just in: Kroger’s most anticipated newly open store is opened and few of the members of the public got a sneak peek. This Tuesday at Kroger’s new 94,000-square-foot grocery store in Scott Depot opened its door to the public.

While the largest grocery retailer Kroger is located in the former K-Mart building at 101 Great Teays Blvd., and replaces the store at 124 Great Teays Blvd. This Kroger site is permanently closed at 5 PM. On Tuesday, all 186 employees there moved to the new store, which opens to the public at 8 a.m. on Wednesday.

Ready to see what’s inside at the New Scott Depot Kroger

Furthermore, “The old location was about 54,000 square feet and this new location is about 94,000 square feet, so we’re almost doubling in size.” store president Keri Parkins said. “The shop over there was basically breaking at the seams, so we needed that extra space.”

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According to a press release announcing the new store opening, the first 500 customers on Wednesday will receive a $5 Kroger gift card. The store’s fuel centre will be offering a discount of 20 cents per gallon of fuel to customers using their Kroger Plus card June 9-12.

“We have a Starbucks, which is something we didn’t have around the corner,” Parkins said. “We have Murray’s cheese shop. The drive-by-car-delivery pharmacy is something we didn’t have at the other location, and again wider aisles and greater variety in each aisle.”

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