“Real Kroger” Explained by Ex-Employee


We all know that some companies do, behave bad behind their employees back. Now, recently one ex-employee who showed his concern and posted a rant about Kroger company at the public Kroger forum.


The employee said that “This may sound like a rant from a disgruntled ex-associate but as you read this you’ll see nothing could be further from the truth. When I applied to Kroger for a part-time position. I was already retired from a long and satisfying career. Krogers was in a tough spot with the pandemic combined with a labor shortage.

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I saw this as a way to be of service to the community, help Krogers out and keep my mind and body active in a not-too-demanding role. I was immediately hired on the spot and began my job (not career) at the local store. I soon learned that training of any kind was non-existent.

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You were thrown into your work without any level of expectation established and no instruction given. The training consisted of a store tour with heres the time clock, heres the break room, heres the bathroom, and heres your department; good luck!  This is no exaggeration. I also realized very quickly that if you showed up for your scheduled shift over the course of a week and made a good faith attempt to do your job, you’d probably be employee of the month!

Shortly after I began, I realized there were an array of issues that were continually ignored by management. This includes the store co-managers, store manager, and district manager. Many of these issues and concerns were also brought to the attention of corporate. Because of lack of training or lack of oversight, department LEADS were putting the public at risk with cross-contamination of poultry products. There were pervasive levels of mold present on dairy shelves and throughout cases and walk-ins. I brought these to the attention of numerous co-managers, store managers, district managers AND corporate and absolutely NO steps were taken to address.

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In addition, these concerns on behalf of the customers, I inquired as to why Krogers was not following its own policy and procedure regarding the taking of associate temperatures at the beginning of their shifts. This was before the vaccines were made available. I was given several reasons from associates didnt want to be bothered with it to we dont have a process in place.  Laziness and complete lack of concern for the welfare of either the associates or the customer is more like it.

Like everyone else, I was subjected to the recording played throughout the store that cleanliness and safety is Krogers #1 priority.  their words are hollow when their actions indicate the complete opposite. When I would bring these same concerns to the attention of the union stewards, I was told flat out, THEY (Krogers) DONT CARE!  Eventually, when the CDC lifted the mask mandate, I along with most associates AND customers were relieved. Wed all been waiting for this day. Off came my mask and for 2 days I thoroughly enjoyed being able to breathe again. I had a conversation with the store manager at which time he agreed with me but stated Krogers had not indicated their position. Ultimately, I was approached and told I had to put my mask back on, or clock out and leave.  I asked why they were not requiring the customers to wear their masks as required, why they had not addressed the mold issue, and why,they would not take temps. It was obvious they wanted to force this issue with me since I had raised all of these other issues  I said I would put my mask back on if they would make a safe work place for me. They refused to address either issue AND refused my request to have HR present during this conversation.” As Kroger is previously accused of not giving fair behavior.

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