Recent funding statements give a vision into the future of Work from Home Sector


Just switched to work from home option? Love working from home, as you get to spend more time with family and friends? Well, wondering what holds in the future for remote workers? We know now that all eyes are on remote work industry betterments and plans. A field that was slowly but surely growing within a small group of pre-pandemic products and advocates is now an integrated industry.


Everywhere we look, a new remote solution appears to be hitting the market, and a large number of investors are finally seeing the light. “Few of us knew that telecommuting was the future, and none of us could have predicted how quickly everything would be done, but we knew it was on the horizon,” says Joe Blair, director at Cota Capital and founder of Distributed Valley’s

According to the recent story which highlighted the funding statement vision for the remote industry. This shows that this is a unique change that has basically allowed the level of playing field for international founders.  Distance learning or work. Concurrent use of mobile devices and laptops for video conferencing.

“As we move quickly to get a product to market, we are taking a long-term approach to solve the problems we want to solve. We are not interested in another video conferencing tool, project management platform, or A home workout product. Instead, we focus on products that improve our uniquely human skills, such as; leadership, communication, behavior change, and resilience. I believe more entrepreneurs and project builders need to focus on how to solve these basic human problems. “

So, what are the problems that need to be solved? What types of products are attracting the attention of enthusiastic investors because they solve problems affecting the human experience in the digital world? Here are three remote product startups that recently made impressive funding ads as they reimagine the way we work and reduce pain points in the world of work from the new home.

If their support is any indication of growth potential, these are three categories where we can expect to see major innovations next year. The first one is Consolidated Project Management and Team Collaboration, in which all pre-planned schedules and progressive tools are in attendance to help you. While the second one is International Employee Payroll Solutions. It solves the problems regarding payment issues as employees are from different states and tax varies. The last one is Virtual Events, as the name says it all it will be best to handle events and meetings virtually. You can know more about it on their official websites. Let us know your thoughts on it! Comment below!

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