“Recycling biodegradable waste for a greater good”


What is biodegradable waste?

You must be wondering, what is biodegradable waste? Well, it is a waste but the one that can be used for greater benefits. It is any organic waste that can be broken down into the water, carbon dioxide, or methane with the help of other living organisms or micro-organisms.


Humans? They are a complicated species. It has always been harder for a human to change his personality, the way he lives, or his thinking. So rather than bringing a change in himself, he bought a change in things around him for a better living. WEIRD YET FASCINATING. Isn’t it?

But as we all know, humans make mistakes. And some of his mistakes involve the side effects that he fails to notice caused by the great inventions that he makes. You would be wondering what possible wrong can such great goods cause? Right? But you’re wrong. Over time humans have caused environmental problems, global warming, pollution, and many more problems that we FAIL TO NOTICE.

We cause effects on the ozone layer by the effective gas that evaporates into the air that comes from our automobiles or machines, continuous cut down of forests for the beds or sofas or houses that we build have caused so much damage to our environment and also we do not hesitate to produce waste as well. WASTE? In other words, you can also call it as “Fashion that has been out-dated”, “Food that fails to impress humans”, “unsold goods” or “food that is declared unhealthy.”

There are always two ways to look at a thing. We CAN and I repeat WE CAN put all this waste for a good cause. Science allowed humans to look at the positive side of the matter. And some people or companies have succeeded in doing such acts of kindness. And let me tell you, Kroger is one of them.

Kroger’s initiative for a better environment:

Looks like we are off to a better future with Kroger. FEED and Kroger partnered together to overlook at all the waste that was being produced at their stores and they tried to put it to good use. And let me tell you, THEY DID!

Kroger is using all the organic waste that is being produced by its stores to help corporate a campus in Compton, Calif.

Just how a man is nothing without support, a company, and especially a company as big as Kroger would also require a lot of help. So along with it, its subsidiaries are also up for the challenge to make the world A BETTER PLACE. Some of the subsidiaries include Ralphs, Food 4 Less, Amy’s, and Chobani.

Being the 5th largest retail company in the world, one might think that the company would not maintain its rank constantly for years. Well, one might think wrong, because no matter what you throw at Kroger’s they never ever fail to disappoint you. And in my opinion, its because it not only thinks about the benefits of sales but also looks out for its customer and employees and also for the environment. It is one of the first companies that have taken such a big initiative towards helping the environment. It has helped in eradicating waste, global warming, pollution, and a lot of other environmental issues. It now uses renewable energy, which a lot of others FAIL to incorporate in their projects.

What is the environment?

In my opinion, it is the reason why we are here. It provides us food and shelter. It saves us from so many things yet we never fail to disappoint the environment.

I hope people learn from Kroger and start to make the world a little better for humans even if they start doing it little by little every day.

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