Reddit Is Now Paying US employees Without Coming To Office 


The Reddit corporation which is one of the top companies around the globe has announced On Tuesday a very interesting statement for their current employees. The statement is as following “The company said in a blog post posted on their official website that the Reddit will, with some exceptions, give the future the flexibility to work out of offices in the future. While paying them the same amount of salary!!!


In addition, it was appearing accordingly, based on America’s desire to act. “Going forward, teams and team members will have the flexibility to review where to work: In the office, Reem the post said: ‘Going forward, you will enjoy success with this program.’ For the office, the different spaces appear in the sub-space markers in the surrounding area. Reddit is on bringing in talent in crossovers, and the number of workers in their offices. After the covid-19 the social distance-maintained programs have made the top organization think that workers can work from home! Also, with this option, they can bring more changes and more vacancies in the corporation.

While this will bring you the opportunity to parade and you will be insufficient time. Another news, about Stripe Inc., said It will pay employees who relocate from the Bay Area one-time $20,000 – but receive up to 10% salary reduction. Brex, the San Francisco-based financial planning planner, has set salary cuts for employees moving from the Bay Area and New York to Austin, Texas, or Utah.

The answer via Reddit: “We will not be afraid of the research and development philosophies of our people.” We will not deduct any pay or salary from our employees. Now, we hope this will bring more positive and better change in our society as we are now giving freedom to our employees. Let us know what are your thoughts on it? Comment below!

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