Reports show that Walmart, McDonald’s Among SNAP’s Biggest Employers, Medicaid Beneficiary


One of the most leading and most known names in the companies in the United States, counting as McDonald’s and Walmart. Who has more than thousands of workers who receive aid from federal aid programs such as food stamps and Medicaid? Now, according to the findings of a U.S. Government Accountability Office report commissioned by Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Fato.


While, Walmart is ranked among the top four employees on SNAP and Medicaid benefits in the states whose data is included in the report, employing an estimated 14,500 workers who have received food stamps, conferring to the consequences of the Accounting Office report. McDonald’s is listed in the top five for at least nine states and is said to employ approximately 8,800 workers who have received SNAP assistance within the dataset.

Furthermore, McDonald’s and Walmart are among the largest employers in the country, as well as in the states referenced in the report. Representatives of the two companies rejected their findings. A Walmart spokesperson said in a statement: “If it were not for the employment opportunities provided by Wal-Mart and other companies, many people would be dependent on government assistance.” “A small percentage of our workforce comes to us for public assistance, we remove employment barriers and create opportunities for people that many overlook.”

While, Walmart has devoted more than $5 billion in levitation wages, growing health benefits, and a debt-free college database over the past five years and our starting rate are 50% higher than the federal minimum wage, which Washington has changed in no more than The spokesman added: “We support efforts to raise the minimum wage while we continue to invest in our partners.”

Besides, McDonald’s USA notes that “the average starting wage at corporate-owned restaurants in the United States exceeds $10 an hour and exceeds the federal minimum wage.” The official statement by the restaurant chain said that “McDonald’s believes that elected leaders have a responsibility to define, discuss and change the minimum wage, and do not lobby against or participate in any activities that oppose raising the minimum wage,” the company said in a statement. Now, the newly appointed President of the United States is also eager to make wages increase and betterment for all workforces across the states. Don’t forget to comment below! Share your thoughts on it!