Retailers move into casual clothes and lingerie


Dina Gachman who lives in Austin, Texas at the beginning of the pandemic was not wearing her best Sunday dress. Her toddler was out of school and she was putting her efforts to get the work done. Because due the Covid-19 she has to stay at home.


She was working from home and her hairs looked messy and just for a change she wanted to put on some mascara and put an actual outfit, just for a change as we all know that Covid-19 have taken the opportunity to dress up, as many people were going to offices and now they are working from home.

Gachman decided to shop, she got a pair of pants from a retailer Target, which were very soft that she can easily go to sleep in those pants and present a casual look. She stated that her wearing or even thinking about pair of heal were out of question.

That’s the point I am trying to make that after Covid -19 everybody is looking for the cloths which are casual and comfortable to wear at home, all the clothing retailers are aiming for that kind of ranges of cloths and accessories to meet the demand of major shift in lifestyle changes.

The Spanish fashion retailer ZARA have just announced its new collection of lingerie collection, and most of the stuff in it includes the comfortability of were the cloths at home in your lounge, much of the stuff it introduced includes silk button down shirts and Loose fitting pajamas. Kohl another clothing brand announces that it will be launching in spring a brand called Athleisure, to cater the same demand of the public.

A fashion podcast is hosted by Bronwyn Cosgrave (A different tweed) said that the retailers are targeting a specific type of audience points out to the woman who used to go to the office by getting dressed up now these women are the target of these retailers that’s why they are launching their brands which enables comfortability.

Woman who buy lingerie and athleisure, it presents a shopping therapy for them, Dina Gachman Added.

She also added that it’s an affordable luxury, the damage for that luxury is not going to effect the mortgage payments and car payment. As we know the recession have caused many people to lose their jobs, and people have less to spend. Before Covid-19 women used to buy lipstick by now mask and lipstick doesn’t go together.

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