Retirement of Robert Clark (Press Release)


Robert Clark, the former SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT of Supply Chain, manufacturing and enterprise sourcing announced retirement for his 35 years of service in Kroger. Kroger announced this news on September, 29th 2020 along with it they told that Gabriel Arreaga would take his place.


Gabriel would start his tenure on October, 1st 2020 as Senior Vice President of Kroger.

Life is unpredictable. In my opinion, not knowing what comes next is what makes us excited about life. In order to live life we have to enjoy it, not to survive it. 35 years back life took the same unpredictable turn for Mr. Clark too. He started off as a bagger in 1885 not knowing what he would become afterwards (Crazy? ABSOLUTELY!)

He became an SVP in the year 2016, well I guess hard work pays off even if it pays off a little late. WELL, better late than never.

Gabriel has a 22 year of experience in the industry where most recently he worked as an SVP for Mondelez International, Inc.  There he lead a team of more than 1400 employees.