Reviews on Kroger’s Brand Bay Bridge Wine


Kroger who is one of the largest grocery retailers and have stores in more than 35 stores in different states in United States of America. Kroger is not only known for grocery store they have also launched many fresh products for their shoppers. Which are not only well priced but they are also good in quality.


But what their employee thinks about the products? Let’s find out! One of the employees from Kroger, today posted his review for Brand Bay Bridge Wine which is exclusively made for Kroger. He stated that “I mean I know it’s only three dollars, but at that point maybe they shouldn’t even bother making it, it’s so awful.” Another employee said that “ They will not dare to buy that brand when it tastes bad and so so awfully disgusting”. But few of the employees who have tried said that it’s pretty much better and taste fine! But what can you expect in like 3 dollars?

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Now, if you don’t know much about the brand Bay Bridge Wine, It is exclusively made for the Kroger company. The brand says that’s Bay Bridge wines are full of taste, rich in color and smooth in taste. Which makes them delicious and the perfect accompaniment to any meal. Now, have you tried this? If no then you must and let us know if it really tastes good? Or bad? Waiting for your honest feedback.

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