To supply the highest quality of education to their students, teachers don’t hesitate to do expenses from their own pockets. But it’s no more going to be the case with the teachers of Richmond County School System.

This is because Kroger has come up with a plan to send gift cards worth $10000 to help these teachers maintain the quality standards for their students without sacrificing their own money. As reported by the administration of the school, it has suffered a lot financially during this quarantine.

Moreover, they also explained the financial issues faced by parents during this time. They are struggling to meet their expenses, as a result of which the education of their children might be endangered.

It’s not just about this year, like Kroger, every tear supplies Richmond County School System with a lot of stuff related to a school’s necessities.

These gift cards are sent in terms of money to the teachers so that they can spend them where they think it is needed. It will benefit the students as well as their surrounding that will help them to be a better person.

However, the main ambition of Kroger is to fulfill the school supply requirements of the school. So, it makes it less difficult for the teachers to manage things during this pandemic.

The Richmond County School System’s administration and staff thanked Kroger for the financial assistance they provided them to maintain the school’s standard in this pandemic.

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