Russia Eases Punishment for Activist Over Putin Mannequin


MOSCOW (Agency France Press) — In 2018, Alexander Shabarachin and Danila Vasilyev were arrested as they displayed a mannequin with the mask of Vladimir Putin taped above a prisoner’s outfit in Urals city of perm. They both filmed the reaction of passers and uploaded the video on Youtube. As a result, Shabarachin was sentenced to two years in prison while Vasilyev was given a one-year suspended sentence.


On this Thursday ease has given to the punishment, Sabrichin’s punishment was revised and now giving him a two-year suspended sentence instead of two years in prison, while Vasilyev’s punishment remained the same.

Shabrachin was declared as a “Political Prisoner” by Russia’s Top rights Memorial.

According to Amnesty International, they claimed last month that Shabarchin must be free while Vasilyev’s conviction suppressed since this action falls in “freedom of expression” rights which were approved by Russia in the Human rights treaties.

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