Rutland: England’s McDonald’s-free county gets a restaurant


England only Mcdonalds free county is no more a Mcdonalds free county, as a branch of fast-food giant has opened.


In Rutland in the East Midlands Mcdonalds franchise with a drive-thru has opened for the lovers of Mcdonalds.

Based on the outskirts of Oakham the Mcdonalds franchise will start its operations on Thursday, where only its drive-thru will be operated as the country is heading towards the second lockdown imposed due to Covid-19. The fast-food giant will create 65 more jobs opportunities in the community which made the council of Rutland county approves the Mcdonalds to operate in the county there was some resistance from the residents of the county.

There were around 55 objections made by the people in the community one of which said that they are proud that Rutland is the only county in the country which does not have the franchise of fast-food giant Mcdonalds. And the others objected that if Mcdonalds opens up a store in their county it would threaten the business of other smaller fast-food chains in Oakham.

But Lindsay Taylor the landlady of Crown Tavern said that the opening of Mcdonalds would bring more people to shop in the high street which would eventually increase the business activity in the county. She also added that the people are concerned over the littering problem that Mcdonalds would bring in the county, but she also added that would not be going to be the Mcdonalds fault.

Glyn Pashley the franchise owner said that she was very excited that Mcdonalds is opening in Oakham and she is proud that she the owner of the first Mcdonalds in the county.

The mayor of Oakham David Romney officially inaugurated the franchise of the fast-food giant in their county by a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

He said that the franchise was very busy when he left and he was very happy that the franchise will create many jobs for the people of the county, in his opinion allowing Mcdonalds to operate in that county is a win-win.

Paul Stainton resident of the county and lives nearby the franchise said as he was driving through the Mcdonalds he saw 25 to 30 cars in its drive-thru and many people sitting in the sun enjoying their meals so him it sounded like a good start for the franchise in the county, as we can see many people are excited that the franchise is open in their area.

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