Ryan Reynolds Partners With Best Buy


While the famous actor Ryan Reynolds was growing up he was a tech nerd and fond of fixing devices. As a result, he wanted to serves as a member of Best Buy’s Geek Support Platform offering his stellar services 24/7. However, Best Buy sincerely turned down his offer which led to dejection in his heart. Ryan Reynolds then proceeded to embark upon a unique journey. He later discovered his fervent nature towards acting and built a career as a celebrity.


Fortunately, Ryan Reynolds has finally made the mindful decision of putting aside his feelings with Best Buy and forgiving the retailer for not hiring him. Phew, what a relief! He appeared in the latest Mint Mobile ad revealing how the mobile company is pairing up with Best Buy to sell even more mobile phone plans. Consequently, Mint Mobile is exclusively available at over 1000 Best Buy retail outlets. How exciting!

Ryan Reynolds feels this is a win-win situation for both Best Buy and Mint Mobile. Moreover, he believes it is a personal success on his behalf as well.

Best Buy is America’s #1 retailer. The company is committed to providing its consumers with one a kind shopping experience. The benefits which will be prominent as a result of this partnership are irreplaceable. Make the most out of the services offered by Best Buy for your ease.

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