Sad News For all the residents in Carrollton As Kroger is closing their stores

According to the recent statement by the largest and known grocery chain in United states, Kroger just announced it’s closing down more stores again! Now, Kroger the company said Carrollton-Kroger will close all of its Green County grocery stores for the next month, the company said Wednesday.

In addition, the Cincinnati retailer has stores in Carrollton and Whitehall. The company is the largest supermarket chain by revenue and has 2,920 stores nationwide. Company spokesman Eric Halverson said that the decision comes after a comprehensive evaluation of the stores’ financial performance.

Sad News For all the residents in Carrollton As Kroger is closing their stores

Here is the official statement which is as following they stated that the “The company’s analysts report that the stores have not operated profitably for several years, and research indicates that neither of them has realistic prospects for a market shift,” the company said in a statement. Staff were informed of the decision on Wednesday morning.

The company said the decision was not a reflection of the employees or their service. The stores have 46 employees together. A Kroger spokesperson said service compensation will be offered to eligible employees based on length of service with the company. Stores will close in approximately 30 days.

Now what are your thoughts on this? What will be the new grocery nearby place for the residents? What about the workforces? Let us know about thoughts on this news in the comment section below!

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