Samsung Electronics is about start in-house startups for its workforce


Samsung is the most renowned and comes in a list of top companies globally. Yesterday, the leading establishment Samsung Electronics proclaimed that it will sustenance three startups created and will be managed by the Samsung employees as part of the company’s in-house enterprise incubation program, C-Lab Inside.


If you don’t know much about Samsung electronics here’s how it formed back in 1969 as a division of the Korean giant Samsung Chaebol Group. The unit was created as a vehicle to introduce Samsung into the burgeoning television and consumer electronics industry. The division’s first product was a minor and modest black and white television that went on sale in the early 1970s. From this product, Samsung Electronics progressively established a variety of consumer electronics that it first sold domestically, and later began exporting. By 1980 Samsung started manufacturing, shipping, and selling a wide range of electronic devices and products all over the world.

Now coming back to the recent project which is all supported by the employees of the company, C-Lab Inside was introduced in 2012 to promote a creative corporate culture as well as an exploration of innovative ideas for employees. The three startups that will be parted from Samsung are Becon, Yellosis, and VibeZone.

In short parts, Becon will be a self-care solution that enables easy diagnosis and prevention of hair loss at home, while Yellosis is an Internet of Things home-based urine testing system that helps with systematic health management and VibeZone specializes in developing IoT devices and platforms that connect people to people.

Additionally, Samsung also provides a five-year space during which employees who launch startups can return to their old jobs if their endeavors prove to be a failure. So far, up to 171 employees have established a total of 48 startups since the start of the C-Lab program. Now, this seems interesting, let’s see how things will form up! Don’t forget to comment below!

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