Samsung presents Al-Mutawa employee month campaign across America


While, the entire United States pacts with inequality with a global pandemic, a challenging economy, and a crunch moment in the fight against disparity.


With thousands of employees across the United States, Samsung Electronics America currently started an Interactive Volunteer Month to show the local community of service.

This was the tenth year the corporation has offered it Service Day, they have decided nationwide offices to be close and the employees who can work and serve communities can stay and work from there. Few Groups that have partnered with Samsung include American Red Cross, Convention House New Jersey, Hackensack Riverkeeper, Only Make Believe, and United Way Metropolitan Dallas.

Meanwhile, the New Jersey Samsung employees directing K-12 students with entrepreneurship, knowledge skills, and work readiness. It has a relationship with teachers and learners from the real world. While in other plans they will be creating original stories crafted by children and provide creative writing comments to budding writers. Project Trevor will provide the latest data and insights on holistic mental health, and introduce Samsung to the LGBTQIA + community alliance

Samsung representative said that whether it is an initiative focused on educating young people in cases, only the efforts of our employees, said David, CEO and Chief Corporate Officer of Samsung Electronics North America. To do good but also to make a long-term impact. The company said in an official statement that “When faced with the facts of giving back to us in the midst of the pandemic, we have chosen to go ahead with the Service Day program but further”. We provide our employees with flexibility in company-organized opportunities or other service activities they choose for Samsung’s first virtual service offering a month of service.”

Samsung’s success is rooted in empowering people. People and shared prosperity are fundamental to our corporate philosophy and core values. Throughout our 41-year history in America, we have dedicated our talents, resources, and technologies to contribute to a global community and meet the special needs of the various fields in which we operate. These needs are directly and directly represented by Samsung’s initiative that gives a day to work, and there are common interfaces from joint commercial programs and joint programs, such as the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow STEM competition and the Environmental Challenge of Stars Climate.

While, this program sounds super promising and during this years’ service month, they will provide updates from employees about the organizations they care about and how they are helping them to help local people thrive where our collective support is most needed. We think this step is definitely needed as we need more companies and employees to empower young talent to grow further. Let us know what are your thoughts?