Samsung Regains The Top Spot As the Smartphone Vendor Xiaomi Crosses Apple in The Rankings


Samsung is back on the top spot for the Top Smartphone Vendor. Yes, the world’s biggest Smartphone Vendor is now Samsung. Samsung did lose its spot to Huawei three months past but now regained it reported by IDC, Counterpoint, and Canalys.


This NEWS was broken when the Smartphone Vendor Samsung posted its Highest Quarterly Revenue Figures. Furthermore, Huawei for the first time became the #1 Smartphone vendor all because of the situation of Covid-19. As the other countries were busy dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic, Huawei was getting huge sales in China.

More so, Xiaomi also was able to regain its #3 spot by overtaking Apple. It was done with a year-on-year growth of 46 Percent. The reason for Apple to be overtaken by Xiaomi was that its year-on-year shipment rate felt 7 Percent from July-September. Another aspect that resulted in Xiaomi crossing Apple in the rankings was the late release of its flagships.

Also, the remaining spots like fifth, sixth, and seventh are covered by Oppo, Vivo, and Realme. But the ranking may vary as Counterpoint has Oppo in Fifth, while IDC and Canalys have Vivo in the Fifth spot. But if you see the rankings, the spots are almost the same.

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