SAP launches digital product for Remote workers

As much as we are trying to adjust to this new normal policy amid covid-19.

Even as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to put pressure on employers and companies- or perhaps because of it – SAP SuccessFactors believes its experience-focused approach to dealing with HCM remains important. Organizations need help as they struggle for participation and efficiency in an increasingly distracted workplace and under pressure to perform. This needs more focus and some plan to coordinate it better! Here are the full details on it!

Lately, Amy Wilson, SuccessFactors’ senior vice president of product and design management, said in a blog post that an employee’s experience is disrupted when users have to juggle multiple applications. SAP research indicates that 74% of employees believe their work experience would improve if they had better technology. Meanwhile, initiation of the HRM approach in 2019, SuccessFactors has argued that HCM systems work best when they are truly intuitive and advance their workflow capabilities.

Furthermore, Wilson designated the Work Zone for HR as a “dedicated digital workplace” where users can access everything, they need to do their work and customize it to suit their priorities. In addition to SuccessFactors modules, the Work Zone can deliver solutions from partner applications and the SAP ecosystem. It also allows users to customize their dashboards so that they can organize components to suit their approach to business. The system also displays content and ideas on an ad-hoc basis.

The HR workspace aims to improve collaboration and learning by simplifying access to peer resources and smart recommendations, as well as community and familiarity groups. It will definitely improve the quality of work which employees will do in their schedule and it will also help them manage it better! 

Further, the official spokesperson Wilson said the invention will become available for preview in October and will be generally available on November 20. We are looking forward to reviewing the product for you! Let’s wait and watch how good it will. Comment below! 

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