‘Savage’ teens beat, stab and dump girl, then go to McDonald’s


17 year old disappeared on June 24 her name is Lesley Luna Pantaleon after she had an argument with the other girls over her missing gun.


After beating and stabbing and then dumping the body in the stream of 17-year-old Lesley Luna Pantaleon the trio of Alabama girls went to Mcdonalds to have some after murder smoothies.

Heinous and heartless murder by the three 16-year-old girls of Alabama named Ta’Niya Merriweather, Erin Taylor, and the main murderer Tyeshia Whisenant shook the whole country, that incident first started when a Pantaleon’s gun went missing this very spring.

On June 24 the Lesley Pantaleon came to the house to retrieve her firearm, it was the last day she was seen and on the day when she was murdered. She got into an argument with Whisenant which lead to her murder. She was unaware of the motive of those teenage girls. As Pantaleon was with her murdered in the car.

The car was stopped by Taylor in the wood, where the Pantaleon was beating by a steel rod extracted from the door and she was also stabbed by the trio. Then the murderers left the girl there and went to Whisenant’s home. There they confessed her murder to another girl and went back to make sure that Pantaleon was dead in Alabama woods.

They found the body’s toes were moving then the Whisenant said that she needs to be taken care of. They took the body and put it in the car and threw the body into the stream this time they really made the that Pantaleon was dead for real and then they went to McDonald’s to have some smoothies with letting others know that they have committed a heinous and heartless crime in Alabama woods.

On July 4 the body was found near the lake, according to the report.

Montgomery advertiser said that some of the last words by Pantaleon was,” just take me home, you can take my truck if you want.” But the motive of the murder was not the truck. Therefore they cannot be charged with capital murder.

Under the law of Alabama, when a murder is committed along with another felony, like murder with the robbery the accused is charged with Capital murder. A

After murdering the girls the three teenage murderers disposed of their mobile and car, and Alabama cops were able to link the murder through her telephone call records.

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