Sequoia National Park Travel Guide


Sequoia National Park is located in California’s Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Park was built in 1890.This Park is known for its elevated trees, surrounding the whole forest with its scenic beauty.


There are underground Crystal Cave structures and the grounds are enclosed by the rocks There are hidden granites in the many folds in the surface of the forest.

Sequoia National Park Travel Guide 2

If you love nature and you are an adventurous person than Sequoia National Park is the best place for you to visit. There is no better place than this to camp in the woods along with yours friends, you can also go for a as there are several trails each leading to a magnificent area bordered with plantation, especially in September-October as the weather becomes really pleasant, in the morning making your hike calmer. The nights are comparatively colder in October but you can always burn some of the woods and your stay comfortable.

Sequoia National Park Travel Guide 1

Since the forest is home to many wild animals it is normal to come across some of them on your tour so it is nothing to panic about. Before starting your journey make sure you talk to the park officials regarding the procedures in case of an encounter with a wild life.

While hiking you will come across the beautiful wonders of this place. You can capture amazing photos of yourself and can create a remarkable memory which you can hold on to for life.

You can also travel by road in your vehicles. At the top of the mountains you will witness the true beauty of Mother Nature with massive mountains surrounded by plantation projecting out of the earth.

If you want to get the sight of the forest then come here early in the morning by the time when the sun is rising that’s when you’ll grasp the breathtaking view of the park, when the sun rays would be flashing on top of the tress thus creating a glorious sight for all of us.

The park is full of wonders and here are many places in National Sequoia Park to visit one of them are Giant Forest Museum, the staff of the Museum accommodates visitors, giving them a brief speech on history of mankind, so this is the best park to visit because it has all what a tourist dreams of.