Sheraton Hotel Shanghai


The Sheraton hotel brand was established in 1937 by cofounders Ernest Henderson and Robert Moore. Both of them laid the foundations of the brand by buying their first hotel in Springfield, Massachusetts.


The brand is now (since 2016) managed by Marriott International and currently has over 440 hotels and resorts worldwide in locations such as North America, Central and South America Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and the Caribbean. The brand is planning further expansion with over 80 hotels underway.

Sheraton Hotel Shanghai 1

Over the years Sheraton Hotels has become a trusted and reliable name for travelers, be it a business tour or a recreational visit, guests can always rely on the quality services provided by the brand everywhere they go.

Shanghai Branches

As stated on the Sheraton extension of the official website of Marriott the brand operates 6 hotels and resorts in Shanghai. Four of these hotels are considered the best in Shanghai namely 1. Sheraton Grand Shanghai Pudong Hotel and Residencies, 2. Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel, 3. Four Points by Sheraton Shanghai, Daning, 4. Four Points by Sheraton Shanghai, Pudong.

Sheraton Hotel Shanghai 2

Sheraton Grand Shanghai Pudong Hotel and Residencies

Situated on the No.38 Pujian Road in Shanghai this hotel is a 4.5-star hotel with two restaurants. The attractive features of the hotel include an indoor swimming pool, A full time fitness center and spa. The hotel also has a smoke free policy making sure that the public areas remain smoke free and healthy for everyone. Another salient feature of the hotel is that they provide free of cost internet services which is a great perk for people who usually visit Shanghai on business tours and prefer to remain connected and au fait of their business. Free internet services are a common feature of all the Sheraton hotels making the brand’s name widely trusted by businessmen and entrepreneurs. The rates of the rooms in Sheraton Grand Shanghai Pudong Hotel range from $139-$206 and higher.

Sheraton Hotel Shanghai 3

Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel

Situated on the No.59 Si Ping Road in Shanghai this hotel is also a 4.5-star hotel having three restaurants. The Wi-Fi is complimentary here just like in every other Sheraton hotel. Within the premises of the hotel you will also be provided with a sauna, a coffee shop, bar, indoor swimming pool and a fitness club. The Hotel consists of three types of rooms the deluxe, the executive and the premium. The accommodation charges of rooms in the Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel range from $114 to $358 and higher.

Sheraton Hotel Shanghai 4

Four Points by Sheraton Shanghai, Daning

Located on 1928 Gong He Xin Road in Shanghai this hotel is a 4-star hotel with one restaurant. Free Wi-Fi which is a standard at every Sheraton Hotel is present here as well. The indoor sauna, fitness club and pool is also onsite. This hotel consists of five kinds of lodgings. 1. Comfort Room, 2. Deluxe Room, 3. Superior Room, 4. Junior Suite, 5. Deluxe Suite. The charges of accommodation range from $91-$244 and higher.

Four Points by Sheraton Shanghai, Pudong

Located on No.2111 Pudong Nan Road in Shanghai this hotel is a 4-star hotel with two restaurants. Having the same luxurious amenities as the other Sheraton hotels this hotel also lives up to its name with free Wi-Fi and a lot of on-site services such as sauna, fitness club, 24-hour room service etc.

The climate of Shanghai consists of hot and humid summers (June to August) and cold winters (December to April) hence making autumn (September to November) and spring (March to May) the best times to visit the city and that is why tourists visit the city the most during this time so booking in advance will be a wise decision. A good thing about the hotel is the standardization of their smoke-free policy which stands at every Sheraton Hotel. The prices quoted in the article are just to provide you an idea for further information regarding pricing you may visit the official website of Marriott Hotel.