Should workplace ban employees who refuse to receive a COVID vaccine?


The news which we have been waiting for as the covid-19 vaccine is in the final stages and still in the trying process. But the UK companies are planning and asked their employees if they are agreeing to take the vaccine and work from the office! Now, let’s see what the poll says! 


The UK got a big boost this week after a breakthrough in the search for a potential coronavirus vaccine. Do you agree with calls to ban people from entering workplaces, bars, and entertainment venues if they refuse to get vaccinated? They asked by the workforce for speaking on the Huffington Post’s Commons People podcast, he claimed that hospitality accommodations may require vaccination certificates upon entry.

The official statement where he added, “If the vaccination works and if we are confident that it is safe, and all indications so far are good, then I can definitely see the day when companies say, ‘Look, you have to go back to the office and if’ you are not vaccinated you will not come.” And I can definitely see social places that require vaccination certificates.

“And I can see a case where you are yes, of course, you are free not to get the vaccine, but there are consequences.” He said the society will suffer if people refuse to take approved vaccines.

As we have known that right after the release of Pfizer and BioNTech this week, health experts have stated that the NHS is now preparing a process to roll out the drug in the new year. The government has also released a tentative order list for those who receive a vaccine.

The list provided by the management shows that the priority group is the elderly in care homes and those who work there. While in the last group to receive the vaccine will be those under the age of 50 who do not have any pre-existing health conditions and are not at risk. Now, we need to think positively and if this vaccine works successfully it will get necessary to take vaccines before joining your office back. What are your views on it? Are you willing to go back to the office and take the risk? Comment below!

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