Should you get your Home and Auto Insurance from Costco? 

Costco members do have it easier, don’t they? From toiletries to household items, members of one of America’s largest retailers benefit from discounts and generally lower prices, but did you know being a Costco member could also get you discounted insurance rates for your house and automobile?

However, it’s important to note: Through Costco’s connect program which is powered by American Family Insurance, you don’t need to have a Costco membership to purchase your insurance but being one will get you better and cheaper rates!

Costco’s executive members receive various benefits through the Connect program, these include the following:

  • Glass Repair Reimbursement:

Accidents and damage to property can happen to anyone but with this insurance policy, you can save yourself the distress and panic as you will be compensated by your insurance policy. However please note: that for special and condo policies, it covers up to $1,000 per occurrence and is limited to two claims within any consecutive 1-year period. This $1,000 limit is included in the limit of liability for dwelling coverage and is subject to the conditions and limitations as it says so in the policy.

  • Home Lock-out Assistance:

Locked out and lost or forgot your keys somewhere? It has happened to every one of us at some point but being an Executive Costco member, call your insurance policy help and all shall be fixed! Moreover, please note: For special and condo policies, it covers up to $100 per occurrence and is limited to two claims within any consecutive 1-year period and may be subject to conditions.

  • Roadside Assistance:

On the road for business or even a short trip? If you run of gas or have a dead battery or even a flat tire, this part of the Auto insurance will cover up to 75% per occurrence on vehicles on the auto policy.

This isn’t all, there are additional benefits to being an Executive Costco Member and purchasing your home or auto policy through the Connect program, such as:

  • Identity Theft Protection:

If you ever become a victim of identity fraud, your policy will cover up to $5000 in costs recovering from identity theft.

  • Stolen Credit Card or Check Fraud Protection:

If you ever get your card stolen or hacked, your insurance policy will cover the loss you suffer in case your card is misused.

  • Food Spoilage Protection:

If due to a power outage, the food in your refrigerator spoils, you do not have to worry. Your insurance policy will be there for you! The Connect Program insurance will cover the food replacement for up to $500 in value.

  • Lock Replacement Expensive:

In case of theft or a break-in, your insurance policy will cover the expense of a new lock!

It’s also important to note that currently, Costco’s insurance policy is not available for some counties in the states of Alaska, Florida, Rhode Island, Texas, Maine and Louisiana and, North Dakota. For more information, you can call the Costco Customer Service Helpline at 866-363-6153.

All in all, we believe the Connect program insurance policy for sure offers more for less especially if you have a Costco membership. It’s easy to file a claim, and you can also cancel your insurance any time you want!

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