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What is the value of a fuel point?

Several supermarket stores have loyalty programs where you can collect and store “fuel points.” Fuel points can be used to get a special discount while filling up the car’s fuel tank. For example, Kroger rewards its customers as follows:

  • Grocery Purchase: 1 fuel point each dollar
  • Pharmacy Prescriptions: 50 fuel points
  • Gift Cards: 2 points of fuel per dollar

Kroger fuel stations or the Shell fuel station, an affiliate with Kroger, are offering 10 cents off each gallon over every 100 fuel points. This is a fantastic opportunity to save a little cash at the fuel station.

Calculation of the fuel point value

It is complicated for people to comprehend the worth of a fuel point because the savings are equivalent to the number of gallons you need to fill the fuel tank. The facts are profitable more when you’re using them for significantly bigger fill-ups. For instance, if you want to redeem 100 points for a 10-gallon fill-up, you can save $1 (10 gallons x 10 cents per gallon = $1). That being said, if you want to pump in 20 gallons to your car or truck, you’ll save $2 for the same 100 points. In the formerly mentioned case, every moment would also have a value of 1 cent, but in the latter case, every issue will have a value of 2 cents.

Calculation of the total percent of discount on grocery purchases

With the worth of the fuel point now entirely determined, you can calculate the approximate saving you can earn in your purchases from the Kroger Family supermarket chain. Let’s suppose that your standard average fill-up of fuel is 15 gallons. This implies that every fuel point has a value of 1.5 cents. Let’s go straight to Kroger’s earnings point:

Considering 15 gallons of fill-ups:

  • Grocery purchases: 1 fuel point per dollar = 1 x 1.5 = 1.5 percent savings;
  • Pharmacy Prescriptions: 50 fuel points= 50 x 1.5 = 75 cent savings
  • Gift Cards: 2 points each dollar = 2 x 1.5 = 3% savings

If you compare bigger or smaller fuel tank fill-ups, then change the abovementioned chart as per the need. E.g., assume that your average fuel daily is 20 gallons per fill-up:

Supposed to fill up 20 gallons:

  • Grocery purchases: 1 point each dollar = 1 x 2.0 = 2% savings
  • Prescriptions: 50 points for fuel = 50 x 2.0 = $1 savings
  • Gift cards: 2 points each dollar = 2 x 2,0 = 4% savings

Smith’s fuel rewards program

The Smith Food and Drugs Stores has updated its loyalty program for fuel to encourage consumers and help them save up to $1 a gallon while they require energy at any Smith fuel station or Shell stations affiliated with it.

Customers can add their loyalty cards at Smith’s and then use the rewards to save money at the fuel station. While redeemed values can vary out of Intermountain West, Shell participating stations always accept the rewards cards of Smith’s throughout the nation.

One hundred reward points can save you 10 cents per gallon, up to 1 dollar per gallon, and up to 35 gallons.

As an additional reward, a Smith’s regular customer can instantaneously earn 200 bonus points with their Smiths reward card over a single transaction from Wednesday to April 19, which can then be credited as 20 cents a gallon in their fuel savings.

Starting from Wednesday, points in the reward card can be redeemed. Unlike the former Smith fuel program, the company has mandated no specific purchase to save fuel points.

If you use a Smith’s rewards card, each dollar you spend gets you one point, and through prescription purchasing, you can receive an additional 50 points. If the reward points are not being used to save money on fuel, they can be converted to a customized reward check, sent off to the Smith customers per quarter, along with discount coupons.

Initial Fresh Values Cards are not accepted in the fuel programs and must be upgraded to a new reward card to earn fuel points and benefits. If shoppers do not have their Smiths reward card at the fuel station, their telephone numbers can be entered into the pump register.

In 7 western nations, Smiths runs 71 fuel stations, which include 37 in Utah. Shell runs 27 fuel stations in the state of Utah and has a Western network of 6,100 fuel stations.

Consumers can verify their cumulative points of rewards by entering their card number on the Rewards page at

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