SONOS portable move speaker available at Best Buy on sale


The Sono’s portable move speaker is at $100 off on Best Buy. It is probably one of the most flexible speakers launched by Sonos since it does not need to be confined to one location in your house.


You can move it around. The device sits on a D-shaped base which serves the purpose of charging the movable batteries of the portable speaker. When the device is fully charged you can use it as you wish. Either let it stay in the room it already is or move it to the other rooms or even outside the house. The move is not an outdoor speaker but it has been designed with certain specifications in mind such as low and high-temperature tolerance and IP56 rating.

The Sonos move speaker’s sound quality is top-notch. It certainly deserves 5 stars in this aspect. The speaker promises an 11-hour battery life which means you can uninterruptedly use it for almost half a day. Stunning, isn’t it?

When the speakers are connected to the base or linked to your WiFi they can be utilized in the form of any other Sonos speaker. Music can be streamed through several platforms including Spotify Connect, Apple’s AirPlay 2, and many more. In addition to this, you can even create a stereo set-up using your move speaker and any other existing Sonos speaker you already have at your abode. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

The device originally retails for $399 which may be a bit heavy on the pocket. However, Best Buy’s sale has got you covered. You can get your hands on these amazing speakers for $299 only. Hurry up and place your order before the speakers go out of stock! It would be unfortunate to miss out on this deal.

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