South Mississippi Weather


If you are a fan of blues music or love to lay down in the sand at a beach and gaze over the beautiful ocean, then South Mississippi is the perfect place to visit for you.


The birthplace and home to blues music is also famous for its coastline, birthplaces of famous celebrities such as Elvis Presley and many music museums such as the B.B King Museum. Another compelling perk of visiting Mississippi is savoring your eyes with the splendor of their hot rods and vintage cars for which the official auto museum of the state has been established called The Tupelo Automobile Museum

Located towards the south of the United States, Mississippi has a rather warm climate for which people head southbound towards the southern cities of Mississippi to take a break at the beaches. As the temperatures rise so do the number of tourists One of the most toured southern city of Mississippi is Biloxi. From shimmering splendid casinos to  white dreamy beaches, Biloxi has it all

Best Months to Visit

Biloxi has a warm climate however it cools off between the months of November and April which is also the best time to visit the city, as the accommodation charges become most economical around this time of the year. Tourists visit the city most during the summers which is from May to August where the temperatures and humidity rise a lot during this time, this is when a multitude of tourists enter the city and the hotel managements grasp it as their chance to earn maximum income leading to inflated charges on accommodation. This makes May to August quite an uneconomic time to visit the city. So if you are a person who is wise about his/her money then this cannot be a preference. The city starts emptying around August after which the two-month hurricane season of Mississippi begins which is in September and October and has the potential to ruin the city. To avoid the devastation and save up some bucks the best time to visit South Mississippi is between November and April.

 Activities between November and April

If you are worried about missing out on the main activities of Biloxi don’t worry as you won’t miss a thing and following are some activities that you can definitely take part in if you plan to visit between November and April.1. Beau Rivage Casino, as previously told Biloxi is also famous for its luxurious casinos, probably one of the most eye catching one out there is the Beau Rivage Casino, this casino is one of its kind as it will provide you with everything from lodging to access to immensely beautiful golf courses.2. Seafood, as Biloxi is along the coastline it’s a no-brainer to try the seafood out and make your taste buds experience amazing seafood.3. Biloxi Bay Bridge, now who doesn’t like to take a stroll once in a while and what better place to take a stroll than the Biloxi Bay Bridge which gives you a beautiful view of the ocean and without losing its urban touch you can also take a look at the beautiful Bay Area.4. Biloxi Beach, even though the weather starts cooling down after November you can still hit the beach and enjoy under the sun of the exquisite Biloxi Beach.

South Mississippi gets its beauty from its beaches and its casinos which lack no facility. It is the perfect getaway for people who want to get away from their landlocked cities and take a breath of fresh air at the shores of the beautiful ocean or want to try their luck at luxurious casinos. You might also like to visit Mississippi if you are an admirer of blues music and history of the United States or if you are in love with antique cars and hot rods.