Spooktacular Halloween with Target 2020


Halloween is an occasion that all the kids and most adults look forward to. While children want to go out for trick or treating, joyful adults love to hand out compliments and candies.


The tradition of Halloween roots back to the Celtic festival of Samhain. It is said that the residents off Samhain used to dance around a bonfire to ward off the evil ghosts and spirits.

The term trick or treat started in the 1900s, which means that either you give a treat (candy) or you wait for the child to trick (mischievous).

Halloween Sale 2020 at Target Supermarket

Target has started their Halloween sales already at the start of October. As the shops stayed closed during Thanksgiving this year due to COVID, many people shopped for ingredients and other things online. Online shopping became a new normal for everyone. Target announced that they will be starting their online sales at the beginning of October, so people can avoid as many crowds as they can. These deals will be on their website to catch as well. No one would have to worry about missing any sale.

Pre-order items

Many of these items that have not been released in stores yet are available on the website for pre-ordering. These include many different costumes, candies, and decorations. The prices of these pieces start from just 2 dollars and many décor items cost 15 dollars or less. In times of the pandemic when most families are troubled with food and health costs, buying high-priced items is not a possibility. All parents want to see their children happy and joyful but the expensiveness of products tear these dreams down. With the target as a helping source, all houses can now be decorated with spookiness.

Hyde & EEK! Boutique

This year Target supermarket is back with their Hyde & EEK! Boutique. This clothing was specially designed by keeping all kinds of children in mind. Target has broken all the stereotypes for Halloween costumes. They have been making costumes for children in wheelchairs and on walkers for quite a few years now. With this initiative, many parents showed their support for these costumes and wished other retailers will follow suit.

DIY Costumes at Hyde & EEK!

Target brings for you a much cheaper way to make your own scary costume with old pieces you own. A pair of scissors, some makeup, and an old suit could make you a witch or Dracula without spending money.

Pet Costumes at Hyde & EEK!

Pets are treated like our little fur babies and Target does not discriminate. They have created cute “Howl-worthy Halloween” costumes that can match with your child’s costume. These costumes are tiny and adorable but very Halloween-y.

Candies at Hyde & EEK!

The candies and treats provided at the store are on sale for 4.99 dollars on your choice of Halloween candy. They partnered with other brands to bring you the most delicious and scary looking treats. With these treats at your doorstep, young ones will be in for a tricky treat. You have an option to make your own candy haul.

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