Spooky Season Awaits For You At Target


Halloween is all about costumes and scary looks, pumpkins, and candies, togetherness, and love. It’s a festival that is celebrated around the world, people from different cultures and traditions even enjoy this festival just for fun. Because when you say fun, you mean Halloween, right?


You might be wondering, what it is that I want to say that can possibly include Halloween? Well, YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT!

Even though Halloween is going to be different this year due to all the pandemic that has been going on, Target has a little spooky and a different plan for all of us. You might wonder what that is? So, without any further ado, Target has announced a special limited edition collection by none other than Home Decor expert John Derain.

“All that people want on Halloween is anything but ordinary, people are craving for moments of joy with their loved ones. Target is pulling the best tricks on people for making them happy by giving them these special treats this Halloween that they won’t forget.” Said Jill Sando, the Vice President of Merchandising and Style officer for Target. And if you ask me HE IS DEFINITELY NOT WRONG!

Target customers have always helped Target, been there throughout its journey, and if you ask me if there is anything that builds an empire or any business it is its customers so it is necessary for Target to give back to its customers too. Target employees also have a benefit from discounts that Target provides them. (I might start working there myself if given this much benefits!)

Target and John’s partnership go way back. Yes! You heard it right, I said partners. Because every year John comes back to Target for this spooky season providing Target customers the BEST OF BEST. Even though John has always been there, it’s his first time with the spooky season. Which will be available on all Target stores and at Target’s online site target.com.

This Halloween season at Target will include all the happiness for its guests. From interior and exterior to accessories and wall designs everything related to any spooky decorations that they want to do is available at every Target store.

In his recent interview, he explained what kind of collection he holds for people of Target. He explains how this collection has a “darker side” to it while he keeps the “scary-scary” part hidden but the “funny-scary” part more into the light. He also tells how Target has always been the most easiest way of how he shows his passion for art in the world especially when it comes to his love for Halloween.

In my opinion, Target and Halloween are the best duos this year, providing us with the best trick-and-treats one can ask for!

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