Stores on Smithville and Spinning Roads will be merged

According to the recent reports, it is noted that the Kroger stores on Smithville Road in Dayton and Spinning Road in Riverside will close. While it is reported that when the new Woodman Drive Kroger opens, a company spokeswoman said Monday.

The official spokesperson said that Kroger plans to begin opening a store in Riverside this year,” said Erin Rolfes, director of corporate affairs for the Cincinnati/Dayton division of Kroger. “When the new store opens, the Kroger locations in Spinning Road and Smithville Road will be merged.” While, the Riverside City Manager Mark Carpenter said Monday that Kroger’s representatives had not briefed him on plans for stores in Spinning and Smithville. But added that he had heard “indirectly” from others that Kroger would go down that route.

Stores on Smithville and Spinning Roads will be merged

“We look forward to welcoming customers to our new Riverside location to enjoy the new, friendly experience they have come to expect from Kroger, along with expanded offerings throughout the store,” Rolfes also said. “We also expect to invite all current employees of the Spinning and Smithville locations to continue their careers at Kroger in a nearby store.”

In this regard, further, he said that “This new Kroger store is a game-changer for our community,” Gary Burkholder, Director of Development at Riverside, said in April. “The City thanks Kroger and their entire team for their commitment to reinvesting in Riverside.”

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