Taco Bell’s Beloved Mexican Pizza Is Already Disappearing from the Menu


We are extremely sorry to announce that the Mexican Pizza would be no longer available on the menu of Taco Bell.


You have little days left to enjoy the Mexican Pizza offered by Taco Bell on its menu before the chain permanently removes it from its ongoing menu, or there might be some locations where they have stopped serving the pizza. As part of the second wave of menu cut the Taco Bell will remove the Mexican Pizza from their menu on the 5th of November, in the first wave they removed things like potatoes.

The passionate fans of Taco Bell resisted that they should not remove the items from their menu, even petitions were filed on change.org saying,” save the Mexican pizza”. An Indian American said in this instance that this is an item loved by many especially the South Indian Americans and losing that item would be like losing something as a part of your childhood memories. As I am writing the petition gain more than 136000 signatures.

If you go to the online menu and the application you will not be able to find the Mexican Pizza on their menu, it has been removed permanently. I tried it searching it on the google it said that this item is no longer available, you can have the other items on the menu but not that Mexican Pizza.

Many of the fans posted on Reddit that they went to several Taco Bells outlets and found out that this is the last Mexican Pizza they are going to have after that it would be no longer served as a part of the T-bells menu.

Taco Bells spokesperson said that back in September they confirmed the removal of the pizza from their mainstream menu. While they are aware that the Taco Bells fans are burning and complaining about the removal of the pizza, he added that they will not let their customers down and will introduce some more exciting meals into their menu, he also added that they are aware that how the people loved the pizza and shared the picture on Facebook and Instagram with their friends.

The first announcement was made by Taco bell in September and the company claimed that it will reduce the packaging costs of the restaurants and make them effective and increase the efficiency of their restaurants.

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