Target And Levis Partnership Expands To 500 More Stores


One thing we know about the world of business is that it’s nothing without partnership. We live in a timeline where a single person (or even a company sometimes) can’t handle a big business on its own.


You need a partner for everything. A partner in life, a partner in business, and a partner is almost everything. That not only does boost your system but also keeps you motivated as well.

We have heard about a lot of partnerships in the past time. One of the very famous partnerships that have taken place has to be Target and Levi Strauss & Co.’s partnership. The breaking news surfaced media, earlier this October that they are now expanding and widening the lengths of their partnership to more than 500 stores. Meaning whenever you would walk into a Target store you would see a rack or a whole section dedicated to Levi’s. Target introduced Levi’s Red Tab Label in some stores and at Target’s online site, the previous year, people went NUTS. Target has decided to give all the blue jeans fans a treat by introducing Levi’s Red Tab label on more than 500 Target stores and also on its online site as well. MORE OF A REASON TO CELEBRATE THIS YEAR!

This means good and reasonable jeans and fashionable items from Levi’s will be available to Target stores near you and to its online site as well for both MEN and WOMEN. Providing us with quality and with quantity both.

“We want the Target customers to go-to denim corners and feel the unity between the two brands partnered.,” says the Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer of Target. And no doubt, all these years since the existence of TGT they have offered nothing but the best. This would only make them more better in front of our eyes. He further says, “Our 10 year long partnership has helped us do that. As the partnership grows, we offer our blue jeans fans the more of Levi’s and make it more appealing to our new to- be fans too.”

Target will soon be offering us this exceptional fit not only for the normal sizes but also for sizes of all types, meaning people that are over-sized and under-sized have nothing to worry about now. Providing us the quality and the quantity along with the size, I think THIS IS JUST THE BEST. Target and Levi Straus & Co.’s partnership will prove to be one of the best since they are providing Target customers with the best. No doubt that customers built our empires and businesses and Target sure knows how to impress them!

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