Target Black Friday Sale Starting Early 2020


Target is known for the sales it puts up on Black Friday day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas week, and others. These sales have the most reasonable prices for the most exquisite products. Most Americans wait for these sales to shop for special occasions.


The sale used to start before Thanksgiving, however, due to coronavirus this year, many things changed worldwide.

Black Friday sale Previous Years

The black Friday sale started on the 29th of November in the past years. The stores put all items on a quarter of the original prices or sometimes even less. Buyers would hoard and stock up on items that could last an entire year like tissue paper rolls or tubes of toothpaste etc. The sale is the best time to buy electronics, as they do not cost a kidney. The black Friday sale started right after the thanksgiving sale. These two sales connect and last for a week at the very least.

Thanksgiving 2020

This year thanksgiving sale is starting early online and as well as in the stores. Retail stores like Target said that the customers should avoid crowds as much as possible. This virus is contagious and could be harmful to all, hence they took this initiative.

Online sales

All stores have started an online sale from the beginning of November. These sales will include all exclusive and inclusive products at the craziest prices. You do not have to worry about snatching, waiting in long lines, fighting, or anything of the sort. These sales will be lasting for a whole month this year for all buyers. Those with memberships can get free shipping from Target stores.

Black Friday sale at Target

The long-awaited sale will be going on for a whole month this year; it will include Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Halloween. The retail store announced the opening will be on the 13th of October, the same day that Amazon will start their Prime day. These sales will be colliding against each other and it could prove helpful for customers because the stores may try to put better products at lesser prices. They also stated that the store will be producing 20,000 extra products this year so that the stock will not run out.

Same day delivery service

The store announced that they have hired more employees for the delivery service this season. They are promoting contactless delivery on the same day you place the order. The stores are open but they do not want a lot of customers to visit at the same time. This service is free for the ones who hold membership and others can avail of it for 9.99 dollars. They will be keeping fresh and frozen products for all to buy. Another service they started is the pickup service; order from anywhere and pick up your groceries from the nearest store.

Stores to Stay Closed

Stores will stay closed during these sales but online sales will not stop. Your order can be placed online on any day and will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

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