Target Continues To Invest In Its Team Members


No matter how big of a company you run or how small of a business you have, you always need a team to run it. You can also call it an essential thing if you want your business or company to do better in long run.


Even though team members are employees and are paid by the company but just how team members need the company, a company needs team members too. It is a direct relationship and no one can assure good quality and service without any one of him or her.

Target team members seem to always be the happiest because Target treats them as a family. People need people to survive. The members ensure that they provide all the service to Target customers and can be said as the asset of the company that has helped it stand on the ground it is standing on right now, throughout the years.

Target’s Twitter account was flooded with its employees being happy when it disclosed the news that Target will permanently raise the starting wage for Target employees from $15 beginning from the month of July. Along with this good news, they also said that they would provide all the Target’s frontline and senior members in stores and distribution centers a one-time recognition bonus amounted $200, especially to show how much they mean to Target and as a thank you for providing services to Target customers in times of need and especially during this pandemic too.

With all that is going on, Target will be investing an amount of $1 billion more this year as a token of thank you for their team members and for their own safety and health since this deadly virus is on the loose.

Target employees will now get wages, leaves with pays, payout bonuses, personal safety equipment, and a donation to the Target Team Member Giving Fund.

“Providing with the best energy, work, and empathy to work even in harder times, our team members keep Target on the forefront of meeting all the changes of our customers and our business, every single year.” Said CEO and Chairman of Target Corporation. 

Back in the days, specifically in March 2020 when Covid-19 was introduced to the world, in order to help its workers and employees, Target back then increased the wage by $2 and THAT TOO twice.

“The most important investments we have to make are in our team.” Said Target is Chief Human Resources Officer. In addition, well she is not wrong. An investment made in your family never goes to waste. In addition, Target has always proved that. They also arranged a free healthcare service for their members. Regardless of whether they have currently subscribed to Target’s healthcare program or not, Target will provide them with free healthcare visits (virtually) with doctors just to know more about their health.

They also have introduced an extended paid 30 days leave for those people who have symptoms or are said to be exposed to Corona Virus and Target would help to take care of their families too. Well, we all know a human’s mental health is as fragile as his ego, so to take care of that aspect of its team members too, they have introduced that they would also conduct counseling sessions for those affected with the deadly virus along with the new anxiety and sleep resources that have been made available to all Target team members and associates.

Target never lets us or their team members down. For these reasons alone, whenever you open any of Target’s social media people are beaming with love and pride for them. What people give to them, they return it back 100 times better. In addition, this is exactly what the world needs especially when we are going through a crisis as big as the Corona Virus.

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