Target Corporation Proceed To Take Precautions For Pandemic Outbreak


Earlier in 2020, the world came to light about a virus outbreak. Not just a usual virus but a very deadly and lethal one. Countries and cities all around the world were affected.


The Governments of those areas ordered lockdown meaning there was no business, no meeting your loved ones, no going out, and no economy.

People lost their loved ones without having to see them for one last time and if you ask me that has to be the worst effect of the virus. You might be familiar with the name “Corona Virus” or “Covid-19” which easily spreads among people with just a touch.

A lot of companies, no matter how big or small, businesses, no matter how big or small, took precautions after months of the lockdown being lifted off. Some businesses suffered where others flourished due to the online shopping system.

Recently, an account on Twitter named Samuel McChesney, a Target Corporation employee made a viral post saying that “He used to work in the Target in Flagship area, my co-workers over there took no precautions.” He further says that “All the co-workers used to sit in one room during their breaks, having their lunch. If one person would have it then everyone would have it because they wore no masks.” He used the words “DONE WITH IT!” to explain how devastated he was because of Target workers not taking precautions. In his opinion, it’s a risk-taking job that they all are doing since the outbreak and little pre-cautions never hurt anybody and if you ask me, HE IS NOT WRONG!

Earlier the week of October, Target Corporate learned that most of them would not be joining the in-office work until July 2021. Along with that, a piece of recent news discovered that an email to employees at Target’s Headquarters said that they were not only taking precautions to protect their workers from Corona Virus but also they were “taking this time to reimagine the future of their office and how and where would it work.” The corporation of 8500+ workers is said to be the largest single employer from downtown.

  • Target’s Management actions:

According to McChesney, Target’s management is very sympathetic when he tells his concerns to them but at the same time, they don’t take the action that is required to be taken, which in my opinion is very irresponsible because if there is someone who can stop this non-serious attitude of these workers its the MANAGEMENT.

Target’s spokesperson took it into media saying that they are taking necessary precautions for the safety of Target’s customers and employees, saying they are “regularly monitored” and that they are provided with gloves and masks and sanitizers.

The statement further said that they have heard the concerns regarding the Minneapolis store and that all team members are now taking precautions.

Since Target’s on-office staff would come back in 2021, I think even if they weren’t taking precautions, now the workers are safe. They won’t have to go there and act irresponsibly. The Minneapolis branch is under suspicion too and is taking the necessary precautions.

People need to realize that sometimes their irresponsible actions have serious consequences especially these days when it comes to Corona. We should all stand in unity and FIGHT THIS VIRUS.

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