Target Deal Days Wrap Up With a Bang


Just as how every business these days is trying to get back on track, I would say that Target has definitely taken a toll on this one. The holiday season is coming up and people, just like always, are pretty excited to kick it off.


So, Target decided to give them an early present, earlier this October, Target announced that they will have a Target deals day event on 13 and 14th October, where Target consumers can have an extra discount on everything including the must-haves, where most of the companies don’t put a discount on.

When this news surfaced, people were excited since Target was giving such a big opportunity along with big discounts. Target decided to have more deals for their customers this year, with doubled up discount and happiness. The discounted items and deals were available on everything. From toys and kitchen utensils to home depot to clothing, Target customers could buy anything for half the price. Target’s Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Christina Hennington explained Target deals day, saying,

Target’s holiday season would be unlike any other this year, its important for our customers to get great deals in a safe-shopping area and environment.”

Now you might be wondering how would that have gone? Right? Well, a little summary that it went spectacular, doubling the rate of sales than the last year for Target. (Crazy!)


Well, I have been searching hard to look for a word that would fit to explain the situation but I failed. So, rather than telling you the word, I would say that anybody who was looking to buy things at Target scored a 1000/10. And since the quality, quantity, the discounts, and the deals were so good, the Target Deal days event was a massive success. Sales during the two-day saving spree went so well that there was an increase of 2.5 in sales, which is almost doubled than the last year. People went crazy on Target’s online site

One of the most popular Target deals was Apple AirPods, kitchen aid-kit, and children’s favorite thing, TOYS. Since Target also came up with a genius plan to provide its guests with a Target Holiday Card where they would get an extra set of discount if they had it, that it increased the sales even more.

To make shopping for Target’s guests safer and the environment healthy, they allowed their guests to have their purchases contact-free using Target’s same-day fulfillment options, like Drive Up and Order pick-up which also grew by 300%. And if you ask me, thinking they came up with this especially when a deadly virus is on the loose and they succeed in doing it as well, BLOWS MY MIND!

“We kicked off the Holiday season with Target Deals Day where the guests shopped deals on a vast amount of items in Target stores and online site, making it our biggest and most successful Deals Day ever.” VP and Chief Merchandising Officer of Target revealed it in a recent interview.

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