Target Deals Day Overlaps With Amazon Prime Day


The world is a scary place to live in. Especially when it comes to big businesses, they will do anything in power to let down the other. As we all know, Target is the eighth largest retailer company in the United States of America.


It is human nature that no matter how much you succeed, you will still want more of that; the same is the case with Target and many other big companies too. In order to reach the top, they have to do something unique, something big, and something out of the box to gain the public’s eye and reach the top. In addition, as known to the world “more audience means more success.” The more audience you attract to yourself, the more you rise. In addition, just so you know, big companies LIVE FOR THIS. They will do anything in power, to get into more power.

Target, this time has taken a huge risk by over-lapping Target Deals Day with Amazon Prime day and well, we all know that Amazon comes at #2 best retailer in the United States of America, even the world too. Doing this would have made deals day either the most successful or unsuccessful, no in-between. However, Target decided to go all in.

You might want some insight into what is Amazon, right. Allow me. Just like Target, Amazon is named as one of the best retailers in this completely wide world. It is an American multinational technology company that deals with e-commerce, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence along with digital streaming. With services like, Amazon Alexa, Amazon prime, and many more, it has definitely marked its name in the world.

Always being keen to steal Amazon’s thunder, Target came with a storm itself this time. Target deals come with mind-blowing sales offering huge discounts on hundreds and thousands of its items. It runs on October 13th and 14th overlapping with Amazon prime day.

Target Deals Day 2020 will start with mind-boggling discounts and sales for the Holiday season. It will include “black Friday pricing” throughout the month of November. This is the biggest Target’s Holiday season, which will start in October and will end in December. Target’s Black Friday sales would be both, in-store and online, to provide its guests a safe and sound environment rather than usual big crowds. Target’s Price Match guarantee program is also getting an extension. It is a program where you can ask for a price adjustment on any “black Friday deal.”

Seems like Target never steps back from a competition. The year-long runs and fights of Target and Amazon are not new to this world but in my opinion, they make each other strive better because let us be real, competition makes us do things that we never thought we could, IT MAKES US BETTER. This time Target has given us something out of the ordinary helping its guests out while looking after for both Target’s customers and employees. Even though competition in this world sometimes gets scary, it sure is A SIGHT TO SEE!

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