Back in the days, say the early 1000s, people didn’t care about how their houses looked. Some people used to live in cages and the other were rulers and kings who used to have authority over everything and anything.


But nowadays home decor and home design, the way you set your house and the style that it obsesses, is what makes HOME A HOME.

We used to believe that home is where your family is but nowadays home is where your peace is because, after a long exhausting day of work or everything that a normal human being goes through, HE NEEDS PEACE. And our minds work a little differently you know, if there are colors around us, our mind would automatically make us happy, if our surroundings are clean, our mind will make us automatically comfortable, IT ALL ABOUT MIND TRICKS AND GAMES.

These games and tricks nowadays are called home decors and styles and the person who does this are called a home stylist. I guess with time, we also widened scopes for businesses as well, right?

Target announces a new home style expert

“I believe deeply in the power of design to make a difference in every person’s life, that’s why I am so, so excited that I am joining Target’s team as a new Home Style Expert.” Said Justina Blakeney, the new Home Style Expert Target has hired, on her Instagram caption.

Now here’s what you would like to know about Justina, she is an American designer and also an author of the “New York Times best selling” book. Also, just in case you are wondering, YES! It is a book that gives you all the insight into home design and decor.  She is a 41-year-old woman known for her exquisite and unique aesthetic in the world of home decor.

Target came out with a collection some time ago named “Casaluna” and her first task was to design a bedroom using that. She also tells about her budgetfriendly details on her blogs that she writes. She explains everything about how she works with Target and how the looks turnout.

In my opinion, Target and Justina would work just fine. Because if you follow her Instagram and look at what kind of beautiful and crazy stuff she comes up with is mind-blowing. People can also buy directly from her Instagram, the stuff that she has used, the bedding, wall decor, wallpaper ANYTHING, you name it. One can only imagine how beautiful, aesthetic, and budget-friendly things are in store for us!

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