Target Offering Discount to Frontline Workers


Target is a retail market with over a thousand stores. They have already shown their support to people by giving COVID bonuses to their employees.


They started same-day delivery so buyers would go out less. On the days when there is sure to be crowded, they announced their stores will stay closed. Not only this but after the reopening of schools was announced, Target took the initiative to give them a discount on all back to school items.

Who are the frontline workers?

The frontline workers are firefighters, nurses, ambulance drivers, doctors, military, and all those in uniforms. These people serve their countries with their lives. The services they provide for us commoners cannot be justified with a mere discount by the store. However, this discount is more than what many have done in the past. It includes any worker that enforces the law and serves the country by putting their selves in danger.

Reason for discount

The store wanted to thank the workers for their services during the pandemic and the bushfires. This initiative was taken by Target Australia. A spokesperson talked to Daily Mail Australia, they said that they are honored to recognize the extravagant work these people in uniform do for us. They wanted to give back to the first responders as they kept the resident of Australia safe during such harsh times. During COVID, when people were afraid to leave their houses, the doctors and nurses were in the hospitals treating the patients and taking cases. When the
the fire started in Australia, the firefighters, military, and police were the ones who tackled it head-on.

First Responder’s Day

This day was called the first responder’s day for all the frontline workers. It was celebrated on June 25, Thursday. The medical staff, healthcare workers, firefighters, military, police; in general, the ones in uniform were offered a 15% discount on all items in the store. This day was appreciated by residents as other companies offered discounts as well.

The association of Australian Retailers said that this was an opportunity for all retailers, large or small, to come together and show their gratefulness to the workers risking their lives for the sake of their country. Other stores that joined in were Nike, Michael Hill, JB Hi-Fi, and Dymocks. Starbucks announced they will distribute free coffee to them. Lindt chocolate shop offered a 40% discount on retail items. David Jone’s and Myer’s decided on a 10% discount on all items. 7-Eleven also joined in by offering free coffee or Slurpeeto the buyers wearing uniforms.

How to avail?

The supermarket said that the discount can be availed by showing an ID card with their photo and a work identity at the discount counter in any store of Target. This was only applicable to the 25th of June. Included items The discount was only applicable inside the store. It did not include gift cards, charity bags, or any type of gaming console. All other items in the store could be easily availed of with the discount.