Target ranking on America’s Top Corporates


Target is known for its variety of products with the lowest ranges. The best price it provided for its customers was a dollar. Target is known as being a dollar store for selling things from 1 dollar to 5 dollars.


The retail store has all things needed, from their Bullseye furniture to Hyde and EEk’s clothing. Not only this, they have been known to take care of the customer the right way.

The Just 100 and Just Capital

The Just Capital is established to provide the world with information about all the corporations and how just they are to their workers, associates, customers, and many more. The Just 100 is a part of this site; they talk about the companies doing right for the workers, customers, our community, shareholders, and environment. This year a little change was added with the COVID-19 relief funds and black lives matter moment. They checked up on the companies that proved to be a helping hand to all the employees first and then the customers. A hundred companies were chosen from all the corporations currently established.

Ranking at #15

Target ranked at number 15 just under Anthem, a company that works to improve the lives of people. The retail company told on Twitter about how honored they feel about this ranking. The companies that beat target are Microsoft, AT&T, Apple, Intel, Alphabet, NVIDIA, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Salesforce, Cisco System, MasterCard, IBM, and Anthem. These companies had worked hard for years to provide the world with useful produce. All these companies are established worldwide and their names are known by everyone.

Companies target overcame

Shockingly, Target beat many companies which we may not have expected. Companies that have a higher net worth and better shareholders lost to the retail supermarket due to the pandemic causing disruptions in businesses. The supermarket did not waste time to serve the customers by shifting the stores online with different delivery options. The store was steadfast in keeping the employees and customers safe. It also gave its employees a 2 dollar pay bump which helped many people financially. The company did the opposite of firing associates; hiring for deliveries and managing warehouses. The companies it overcame included HP, Facebook, PepsiCo, Best Buy, PayPal, Hershey’s, Ford Motor, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell, and Walmart.

Target beating Walmart as a retailer

Target ranked number 15 in the article while Walmart was on number 50. Many people would wonder how this company is better. The weightage of behaviors of the business was settled by Forbes and Just Capital. It included the employee treatment which was 41%, treating the community around which was 21%, the treatment of customers had a 15% weightage, the shareholders had only a 15% weightage while the environment if not much still stood for a 9% weightage. These factors determined the ranking of each company. Due to Target’s online sales going up, the company hiring more employees with a COVID fund gave it a boost to a higher ranking.

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