Target Set On Attaining Racial Justice And Equality For All


We all know 2020 was a harsh year for everyone. Some suffered due to the death of breadwinners, some suffered financially because of businesses going in loss, the bushfires that started on the west coast of Australia scared the residents, and the foremost thing that took its toll on all humans, coronavirus, Uyghur Muslims being enslaved.


While we are talking about all things 2020, let’s also talk about the occasion that was pointed towards a single community, harmless black men and women being killed by inhuman police authorities.

Black Lives Matter 

The black lives matter movement started this year when things went south. The pandemic had already put people under pressure and stress financially and health-wise. The police decided to put a cherry on top and hurt innocent humans, specifically blacks. When one voice was raised, a thousand joined, when one hand was raised, no one even murmured. People protested for the safety of the minorities. Many people from different ethnicities came forward to raise their voices. The police were stood in front of the judge being demanded a reason for their actions. A few different scenarios came forward from the police, the bystanders, and the victim’s family.

Names of the ones killed 

Let’s take a moment to remember those again who lost their lives for doing common day chores and running errands. Treason Reed was shot for driving fast and William DeBose was killed for having pulled something out of his pocket that was believed to be a gun. Eric Garner was killed by a police officer when he allegedly believed he was selling illegal cigarettes. Breonna Taylor was killed during a drug raid at her home. This is just an excerpt from the stories of all the people killed during 2020. It is estimated that at least one man or woman was killed every week.

Unemployment of Black people

In 2019, the unemployment rate for black males was 6.1%. It was over 1.6% of the national average which was 3.7%. Black people had the worst of 2020 than the rest of us. When the economy fell to the ground, the people fired first and foremost were the black employees.

Business Roundtable’s Role

The CEO at the business roundtable decided to turn all the negativity into positivity. Many companies joined this initiative and decided to help the black community.

On June 5, 2020, the chairman of Walmart made plans to overcome racial injustice. Companies like Target, Intel, Microsoft, Bank of America, and many more funded jobs or money to the black community.

Target’s Role

Target made online badges to identify the brands owned by the black community, on its site. It announced an investment of 10 million dollars with ongoing resources to help rebuild efforts and advance social justice in our community as a whole. It also announced that the number of black team members will be increased by 20% of the whole company. The retail company played its role in demolishing barriers between white people and people of color, when will you play yours?

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