Target Shifts Its Business Strategies


2020 has to be the hardest year for everyone. And everyone knows the reason behind it. Earlier this year, the breaking news of a lethal and deadly virus breaking loose surfaced and everyone was shaken to their cores.


Name any country in the world, any business or any person, everyone was affected by it. The businesses were closed, countries were ordered to proceed with lockdown and some of the people lost their loved ones without even saying goodbye.

Since September of 2020, the world thought that now would be a better time to lift the lockdown because the cases of the virus got low. And it is a good idea, however, taking necessary precautions is very important when it comes to times like this. We all know that Covid-19 spreads easily with just a touch or getting in contact with anything the patient has touched, with its symptoms being just as same as pneumonia, people are afraid of getting back to their normal lives.

To overcome this disease and to commence the businesses normally companies have started taking actions.

This year Target’s business strategy has shifted, obviously because of the pandemic. It has launched more and more products on Target’s online shopping site and it has widened its scope by releasing contactless programs for Target customers that are DriveUp and Order pickup service. Target announced that it would increase the amount of staff during this time period. More Target employees would help them to focus on providing services that are contact-free and help them and their guests take the necessary precautions and safety measures.

Target has also opened doors of employment this year for anyone who is looking. Shifting how Target’s business worked from back in the days to now that a pandemic is on the loose, it is what kept its business going. Evolving with technologies, trends, and (wait for it!) a pandemic, should now be a thing.

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