Target Taking COVID Precautions Seriously


Target supermarket is a large chain with thousands of stores worldwide. Their stores are known nationally and internationally, with their brand name so popular; news is bound to make its way to the top.


Target stores and employees

The total number of stores established by the company is 1,880 in more than 11,000 locations. The employees working in their stores keep increasing with their seasonal hiring. The latest estimate was 368,000 before the hiring began. The employees at these stores have been taught to be friendly, helping, vigilant, and calm. With a name known by all, even a small misunderstanding can rupture the company’s name. A famous deal that made them popular is their 1 dollar deal. Many items at Target stores are for just a dollar.

Target stores and employees

COVID-19 Effects on employees

A pandemic arrived in 2019 taking the lives of many people. The virus was contagious, making people stay inside the safety of the walls of their homes. A single touch or a puff of breath could spread the germs. This virus put many small companies out of business due to people not leaving homes. When the businesses went out, the employees were fired in hard times. Some employers were kind enough to pay a small amount of money to keep them going until they could find a new job. Families were in trouble with no paychecks arriving, children going hungry, and pregnant women getting sick. The virus itself was not as harmful to young or healthy people, but what took the toll on the families was the loss of money. This caused deaths of children, women in labor, or the elderly in care. Many breadwinners died due to getting Coronavirus.

Losing Jobs Due to COVID-19

Many brands wasted no time in shifting their businesses online. With a lot of businesses going online, the traffic was shifted as well. Suddenly everyone was spending time shopping for essentials, necessities, groceries, clothes, or other things on the internet. The companies did not fire any employees; instead, they opened up interviews to hire more. As people were trying to avoid large crowds, shopping online became the new normal. An option for receiving the items on the same day was given to the employees. As a buyer myself, I would like to receive my shopping on the same day, especially if they are ingredients for a recipe.

Precautions by Large Companies

A lot of precautions were taken by the retail shops once the pandemic subsided. Precautions like wearing masks, staying sanitized, sanitizing the counters and shelves every 30 minutes, and maintaining the distance between customers were monitored. On the other hand, they also gave bonuses to many employees as hazard pay. A 2 dollars bump was added to the pays temporarily. The associates were also promised health care by the company; in case of symptoms arising a 2 week paid leave was provided.

Liability for Businesses Ignoring Precautions

If a business is seen ignoring COVID precautions, their certificate could be confiscated. Employees have a right to sue their employers if they catch the virus. Taking precautions is necessary for all stores no matter what the size is. Customers can also file reports against stores not taking precautions. A single report against them could get the store locked.

Liability for Customers Ignoring Precautions

Customers who ignore any kind of precaution can be fined by the store or the police. Stores cannot allow any customer to shop without a mask. These precautions are not for the workers at the store but for the customers as well. This virus is not normal flu; it does not leave for weeks to months. If a customer refuses to wear a mask they are putting their own lives at risk as well. There is no liable excuse for not wearing a mask. It’s much easier than having to breathe with an oxygen mask.

Incident at Target store

An incident occurred at a store of Target in May 2020. According to other articles, two men had refused to wear a mask inside the store. They caused a lot of havoc with a few workers. The workers only politely asked them to wear masks, though the men first ignored their request. The police report said stated that the men entered the store in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, without masks on the 1st of May. The employees cordially asked them to leave the store if they could not cooperate with their request. The police statement said that as they neared the exit, one of the men turned around daringly and punched one of the workers. It caused both the suspect and the man to fall to the ground; during this fight, one of the employees broke his left arm. The video that was later released showed a suspect and an employee fall, while other employees were seen wrestling with the other man. The police said the employee was taken to the hospital for treatment. According to the police, 31-year old Philip Hamilton along with 29-year-old Paul Hamilton was jailed with felony battery for having a connection with the incident. They were released on a bail of 50,000 dollars.

Regulations for customers and stores

Wearing a face mask is a regulation for all those entering a store; be it employees or customers. Many stores have policies to not let anyone in without a mask. Large companies like McDonald’s, CVS, Starbucks, Kohl’s, Harris Teeter, GAP, Dollar Tree, Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond, and many other companies. A few incidents have been noted by police authorities about Americans who have been asked to wear facial coverings. Many of these customers fought with employees, hurt them, or even shot at some innocent bystanders. News articles have reported that at least 40% of Americans do not like to be told to do what they don’t want to. The excuse used was that it is harder to breathe with a mask covering your nose and mouth. A few brave employees have been able to fight with such hardheaded people but those who could not do so ignored such customers.