Target To Beat Amazon in Black Friday Sales


Prime Day sales are not disclosed by Amazon yet. Diving into the insights of the third quarter of Amazon that is expected on 29th October 2020. Forecast of Prime Day selling worldwide is approx. $10 Billion.


If we look into the sales of the target so they are also showcasing their best deals as well.

Target says that the upcoming months will be full of black Friday deals and they will offer 1 million more deals which are more than the last year.

After announcing a whole month Black Friday sale Target made a plan to take the safety precaution related to COVID-19. It is expected that Target will double the parking slot. The employees will be taking care of everything from the entrance in the shopping mall to the maintaining of social distancing. Moreover, it is also expected that the store will also do the 1000 handheld devices and these devices are quite different from the Apple store and the customer cannot check out anywhere inside the store.

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