Teacher Discount at Target


A large chain of retail shops has been established by Target. They have made sales across the world and went from a small store to more than 1500 stores worldwide.


When you are known to serve your customers in the best way possible, you should pay back to those who helped you along the way. Our mentors are the reason we achieve our goals and go ahead with the limits of achieving.

Discounts and Deals

Target is a retail store known for its 1 dollar deals and extremely low prices. The store is always giving out coupons or vouchers for shopping all year long. With their deals, more customers are accustomed to shopping at their stores. Their big sales especially, such as Black Friday, Christmas or Halloween attract shoppers to their counters. With their discounts not withering even on online shopping, the sales they made this year did not reduce a lot.

Service of Teachers

Our teachers are known as parents in school as well. They help us grow as much as our parents do if not more. We are taught by them since we start to learn until the time we graduate. These services provided by them deserve a lot more respect than we give them. In harsh times of coronavirus, these teachers are at the front lines; teaching and helping. Neither the respect nor the paycheck makes up for the work they do for our countries. If it were not for these ‘second parents’, our country may not have military, pilots, doctors, nurses, etc.

Discounts for teachers

After the news came for the reopening of schools, Target came back with their discounts exclusively made for teachers. They offered a 15% discount on selected items from the 13th of July to the 20th of July. These items also included school supplies. In previous years, when these discounts were given out, the teachers reported that in total they saved millions on school supplies only. This year other items are included as well, such as clothes, supplies, disinfectant wipes, food bags, furniture by Pillowfort, and playground items from Bullseye.

Who else can apply?

The store said that these discounts are not limited to the teachers only; others working at daycare centers, early childhood care centers, and homeschooling teachers and parents can also avail of this discount.

How to get the coupon?

You can get the coupon by submitting any document that binds your name to an educational institute. A school ID card or employment certificate is also accepted at any store of Target. Once you have submitted the document or verification at the store, your coupon will be mailed to you. With this coupon you can buy any of the items listed below, other items like swimwear, lunch boxes, backpacks, etc. are excluded.

  1. School supplies; pencils, markers, pens, notebooks, binders or folders, color pencils, glue, stuff for arts and crafts
  2. Essentials; bags for storing food, disinfecting wipes, sanitizer, and facial tissues
  3. Clothing and accessories for both men and women
  4. Playground items by Bullseye

Furniture by Pillowfort

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