Teen Jailed For Stealing Items Worth Over $700 From Kroger


Rome teen Mya Renee Thrope was found guilty of stealing items worth $739.28 from Kroger and arrested during this past week. The reports claim that the teen stole the items on October 6 but was able to escape.


Despite escaping the arrest on the day Thrope stole, she was arrested later during the past week. The teenager was found at the traffic stop of Martha Berry and Old Dalton Road.

The officers claimed that she was found in possession of marijuana which added to the teenager’s miseries. Thrope’s miseries didn’t end as she continued by giving fake names to officers to hide her identity. This only added to her problems as the situation went from bad to worse. Rome’s 19 years old was now charged with giving a fake name to police, possession of marijuana, and felony shoplifting i.e. the crime that she was initially accused of.

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