The Biggest Slipups of Working from the Home workforce: Report


If you work for a company that plans to make working from home permanent after the Covid-19 crisis, there could be a big mistake if you are thinking that this will stay this way forever.


According to the recent research based on work from home future and is conducted by the Harvard Business School professor Prithwiraj (Raj) Chowdhury – a telework expert who has been studying the phenomenon long before the coronavirus – working from home is not the right paradigm, even if it’s a pandemic induced short-term condition. The new normal business must be business from nowhere, or it is more likely to be a failure.

While the conductor of the report Harvard instructor, who later wrote a cover story for Harvard Business Review of his research, points out several key ways corporations that think they’re doing the right thing in moving to telework can get them wrong. Yes, there are cost savings to be achieved, but the ability to recruit talent globally and allow talent to choose a location based on their preferences – be it a low-cost location or to be closer to the family – is what should be understood as the much bigger driver.

The official said that “You really need to be convinced that you have embraced this model.… This is the way to attract and retain the best talent. There are real estate costs and other benefits, but it is secondary,” he said, adding that competition among employers for the best talent, anywhere, would be Severe on the other side of the epidemic. There is one major group of employees who need to be # 1 in commuting to work from anywhere to work: C-suite executives, Choudhury says.

“This model can only work if it is adopted by the top managers, because if the CEOs and the senior managers were all in a physical building, then all the middle managers would be drawn to that building to have confrontation time.” While the C-suite needs to think of itself as a remote team, like any other team – in fact, as an “admirable example” as he put it – embracing telework features like Slack channels and knowledge coding with new ways of sharing and reaching. According to the Harvard professor, telecommuting will not move effectively throughout the organization. Also, he highlighted that it might be a huge mistake to consider thinking that remote working is here to stay! Now, this is quite opposite what we have heard, keeping the current situation in mind. But who knows? Comment below to let us know your thoughts on it!

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