The city of Albuquerque employees is under investigation for personal business at work

Recently, an employee which happened to be found doing personal business at work! This happened all at the City of Albuquerque where operative is under investigation for running a side company while you are around the clock, payment being made by the employee at work. According to the inspector general’s report, this employee was planning trips, running personal errands, and running an elderly care facility, all while working in town.

While, according to the rule, running a senior citizen care facility, while working in Albuquerque, is all with taxpayer money. The Inspector-General recently investigated an employee of the Municipal Development Department after receiving information that he was using his car in the city to conduct personal tasks for home improvement stores and to run other businesses during the working day.

During the inquiry, the SIGIR found that more than half of the worker’s calls from his office phone in a nine-month period were personal. Most of these calls were connected to the supported living facility, in the southern valley, Casa del Valle, which the employee was suspected of owning and operating. The report also showed that the worker made dozens of personal calls to places like Caesars Palace and Calibers.

Furthermore, Inspector Wide-ranging also inspected city emails as well as emails related to the elderly care facility. They also found personal emails for home listings, the 23andMe report, and personal travel itineraries. The man still works in the city, but the inspector general’s office recommends disciplinary action.

The official statement stated “We take these allegations very seriously, as these types of facts are extremely rare. “We are examining the allegations in the report and are also initiating an internal investigation ourselves,” says DMD spokesperson Johnny Chandler. The Inspector-General has also discovered that the employee’s supervisors have some knowledge of their behavior at work and are also recommending discipline to them. Now, rules are made to be followed. Comment below to let us know what you think about it!

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