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According to a March 10 report from the Cincinnati Consulting Company, the federal lawsuit alleges that Kroger failed to protect the personal information of some of its customers and employees.


Lawsuit alleges Kroger left employee

The lawsuit was filed in March in the U.S. District Court in Cincinnati, where a class-action lawsuit was filed following a recent data breach caused by Accellion, the file transfer provider Kroger. The abuse affected a number of Kroger pharmacies and clinic customers, putting medical information, names, addresses, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers at risk.

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The lawsuit alleges that Kroger “fully understands” about Accellion’s data security platform “lax.” In addition, he said Accellion was encouraging Kroger to upgrade its 20-year-old transfer program to a more secure file transfer program. The lawsuit alleges that Kroger chose to use an “old and unsafe transportation platform.”

Kroger provides free credit monitoring services to affected individuals for two years.

The lawsuit stated that because the data in the violation was “permanently destroyed”, it was unable to provide adequate resources to the people affected. After two years, those affected will therefore have to carry out the credit monitoring themselves.

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