The Lie, Amazon Prime Video


The lie is the first movie made by Amazon Prime Video in collaboration with Blumhouse Productions. It is released recently. This is a short movie not as people thought about it.


Amazon one of the largest streaming platforms on the internet. Where one can find thousands of movies. Prime videos have many superhits but this one is not among them. When it was released it was nowhere on the home page. Even after searching it was difficult to find the movie. It is unlikely to find one of their original movies so difficult to access. Their other original movies like Jack Ryan or The Boys are extraordinary and are easy to access.

Amazon’s content is so amazing, The Lie should have remained buried among its catalog. This movie has many ups and downs. The Lie is a very interesting concept. Jay (Peter Sarsgaard) and Rebecca (Mirielle Enos) were once husband and wife but now they are divorced, and their only child is Kayla (Joey King). During a trip Kayla’s displeasure with her parents increases. On her way back she was unexpectedly accompanied by her friend. Jay started to think about Kayla to protect her from the wrongdoings. This movie is full of twists.

The beginning is good, and it sucks you in the scene. The acting of the characters is fantastic. Whereas there are just a few locations where the story takes place, this keeps our anxiety low. The ending is too panicky, that the movie can lose the audience.

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